The baby boomer generation is now in its retiring stage.  This means that, because they are aging, they need to look after their health and at particular their food intake.  This is because they naturally have a slower metabolism rate and their energy requirements reduce.  It is essential for baby boomers to increase their nutrient intake as they are prone to weakness and fatigue, and even pick on diseases more easily. Although the nutrient intake of baby boomers is extremely important, it has been seen that food producing industries do not look into the food intake of the aging population.  They are more concerned with the common adults and younger generation.  Much of the food producing factories produce protein-fortified foods as it promotes a healthy lifestyle and manages to curb hunger for longer periods of time.

The technical service manager at Cargill Texturizing Solutions in Minneapolis, Tom Katen said that protein is the kind of nutrient that should be consumed less by baby boomers and older adults, especially meat.  They need to take more of protein in its concentrated form. They also need to limit their intake of saturated fats in all forms. Older adults usually prefer taking foods that are in small packages and the portion sizes to be small as they do not have a family to feed thus wouldn’t want the food to rot. Therefore, new products of yogurts, snacks, bars, smoothies are now coming in smaller and compact packaging that will appeal the older generation.  Older adults also prefer buying food items that are sold at a valuable price and the ones that have special dietary needs as well as nutrition labeling that is easy to follow. Go here for additional information regarding Senior healthcare

Baby boomers usually spend more of their grocery budget on health products than any other generations. They need to cut down fat intake and add more of fiber, whole grains, calcium, protein, vitamins, and probiotics to their meals.  They also need to take a step back from red meat as it can lead to many problems in people of older ages.  Unhealthy items which includes saturated fats in chips, chocolates and packaged foods need to be avoided at all costs by baby boomers.Organic and healthy foods need to be their first priority. This is because they are fresh and packed with nutrients which are essential for the aging bodies of baby boomers. Besides food intake, what is also important is regular exercise.  Exercising on a regular basis or at least 3-4 times a week can help keep the body healthy and in good shape.