Tips to Get Rid of Constant Feeling of Hunger in Old Age

The constant desire to eat something brings severe discomfort and can provoke serious depression in seniors. Also, increased appetite leads to certain psychological problems and the emergence of excess weight, including obesity and other unpleasant diseases.

To overcome the feeling of hunger and not harm your own body, you need to follow the correct diet and some simple rules of eating:

In an effort to gain a slim figure, many choose strict diets, which lead to the loss of vitamins and minerals by the body, necessary for its full functioning. Due to a strong nutrient deficiency, the body is depleted and the accumulation of fat reserves begins. Therefore, after completing a strict diet, the weight lost returns quickly. Low-calorie diets also lead to permanent breakdowns.

Lack of fluid in the body is one of the most common causes of constant hunger. To satisfy hunger, one glass of plain water can prove useful. This technique helps to extend the time to the next meal.

The lack of certain elements in the body provokes a strong desire to eat something. For example, if there is a lack of chlorides, you may feel the desire to eat something salty. Hence, it is important that your daily diet is complete and varied.

The menu should exclude sour and spicy dishes, soft drinks, fast food, as these products only increase your appetite in old age.

Overeating is not allowed. You must also learn how to chew food slowly, the duration of the meal should be no less than 20 minutes because it is only in this way that you feel full.

If you learn to eat food strictly at a certain time, hunger will not bother you after a meal. In the body, the production of gastric juice will begin which will gradually rearrange your body’s inner cycle.

Properly selected foods will quickly suppress even the strongest sense of hunger. They can be added to the main dishes, besides, they contain all the nutrients required by your body.

Baked pumpkin helps to quickly remove the feeling of hunger;

a few pieces of natural dark chocolate helps to forget about food for a few hours;

grapefruit is an excellent and very useful way to suppress appetite;

Celery is really unique, and most importantly, low-calorie product, which is composed of a large amount of fiber.

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